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TeamEncoder USB Enabler for iiRCade Gen1


Add 2 USB ports to your iiRCade Gen 1 cabinet.

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This product adds 2 USB ports to your iiRCade Gen 1 and DOES NOT WORK with Gold cabinets.

Some cabinets may require modification of the main board placement if you plan to keep the USB Host port connected at all times. A right-angle USB extension available on Amazon has also been confirmed to work.

This product requires software provided by TeamEncoder to add backup/restore functionality to your device. Without software, the only known use of this board is for Sinden lightguns and some USB Controllers.

Use this product at your own risk. It may void your warranty… oops… too soon?

In all seriousness, use of this product could damage your device if it is not installed properly. ACustomArcade does not offer refunds for incorrect installation and is not responsible for any damage to your device.

This product cannot be returned if opened unless defective.

While there is no limit to the amount of boards you can order, this item is not sold for resale. High quantity orders may require proof of ownership of the number of cabinets matching the items ordered.


4 reviews for TeamEncoder USB Enabler for iiRCade Gen1

  1. joeythug (verified owner)

    This turned a piece of crap arcade into something special, it literally went from being the worst arcade I owned to the greatest. Thank you acustomarcade and team encoder for making the worse purchase decision I ever made to the best purchase. Literally if iircade would have hired you guy’s they wouldn’t have been out of business.

  2. ThomasB (verified owner)

    The USB encoder literally reinvents, revitalizes, and resurrects the iiRcade. It transforms the iiRcade into what it always should/could have been. This thing is worth its weight in gold! This is an absolute Must Purchase Item for anyone that has an iiRcade. Thanks to all involved at Acustomarcade and Team Encoder. /cheers

  3. SparrowRex (verified owner)

    USB enabler is must have. Turned the paperweight I owned into one of the best tech gadgets to toy around with. If you have the chance to purchase and have an iiRcade then it’s a no brainer. Thank you Acustomarcade and TeamEncoder!!

  4. cryoteck (verified owner)

    If you have an IIRcade you need this! Super easy install and great support to learn how to use it (Check the TeamEncoder Site/Discord) At that price it’s a no brainer. A huge Thanks to every one involved in making this available.

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